Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on Tees & Sweatshirts! Code:B2G1❤️or get 10% off with code WREN10☀️ we have Sezzle & Afterpay!

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE on Tees & Sweatshirts! Code:B2G1❤️or get 10% off with code WREN10☀️ we have Sezzle & Afterpay! 

About Us

About Gabriel Clothing Company

Gabriel Clothing Company is Family Owned and Operated.
Located in Mena, Arkansas 

A super small town. We are a dry county ( no alcohol) Lots of churches, lots of hair salons. Really Good Place to Raise your children. lol Fun facts 


Our Owner Alexa (pictured above)  is not only the CEO but the Designer and Marketing Expert for Gabriel Clothing Company. Alexa opened a boutique in 2014 & loved interacting through social media and loved the boutique vibe, however she knew something was missing. She has always had a passion for designing and crafting, but wasn't sure what to do with that. 
In December of 2016, Alexa designed a pair of leggings, she posted it on her Facebook group and it was a hit! After designing and getting a great response on other items she decided it was time to do something different & something she knew she would be good at! Alexa In 2017  started Gabriel Clothing Company, she decided it was time to start her own Clothing Line. We started with just a few tees and have grown tremendously in a year! We thank everyone for supporting our small business!
WE are so THANKFUL for ALL of our customers! From our small orders to large wholesale orders!

Some fun facts about Alexa

  • SHE LOVES (LOVES LOVES) FOOOOOD! She loves trying new foods and getting the most outrageous food creations! 
  • She loves playing word games and board games.
  • Game nights (cards against humanity, what do you meme, freedom of speech, disturbed friends, uno) Are her favorite
  • I love making people laugh. I love giving funny gifts, creating funny things and just bringing smiles to everyone's faces.
  • I love family time and just being around loved ones. 
  • Favorite color is black and green
  • Favorite food... ehh that's a tough one STREET tacos currently 
  • Favorite number 42
  • Boy mom
  • hates texting but loves emailing
  • Hates coffee 
  • Weed friendly
  • Answers most customer service emails,texts and calls 
  • I love fishing and being outside. 
  • Muddy bottoms is probably the most fun thing she has ever been to


Our Manager AND AMAZING employee Katie is pictured above! She goes above and beyond. She is one of Alexa's closest friends. She works her butt off to make sure everything is going right at Gabriel Clothing Company. 

We are located in the small town of Mena, Arkansas, where clothing is printed and shipped from The Gabriel Clothing Company Warehouse.
We do have a retail location in Mena, Arkansas.

We now have super fast shipping, great customer support & a family ready to fill some orders! You can see real reviews on products ( if they have been reviewed) 

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