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Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Tees and Sweatshirts! Code: B2G1 ❤️AFTERPAY or SEZZLE

Crafty Corner - Valentine's Day School Party Crafys


Hey! Just posting some cute crafts I made for a school party today!
The party was for Valentine's Day so we did two Crafts!

First we have the "Pudding Man" as my 6 year old likes to call it.
Things you will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Pudding or Jello cups ( we did some of both because we had kids with milk allergies)
  • Permanent Marker 
  • Googly eyes or eye stickers
  • Smartie Candy for the arms
  • Nerd or Mini chocolate bars for the feet
  • Heart Shaped Candy for the heart


These are super easy. 

  • We started with gluing the heads (pudding/jello cups) on first.
  • Next, I glued the arms on. You can glue them where they stick out or lay flat.
  • Then, I put eyes on ( we used stickers just because my 6 year old was helping and glue is hot)
  • I drew the mouths on next ( we used a red metallic permanent marker)
  • Glue the hearts on next and hold so they stick.
  • Last I glued the feet on ( we used chocolate because our wal-mart did no have nerds)

Such a good, fun and CUTE class treat! 
The kids LOVED these! And they can drink the drinks, eat the candy or save them for later!


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